Customs Clearance Services

While your import, export, warehouse and transit transactions are carried out within the framework of the authorization and permission given to customs consultants by the Customs Law No. 4458 and the legislation; It is based on the conclusion that it is concluded with minimum time and cost. The resolution of disputes that may occur with customs administrations and other public institutions during customs procedures are followed up in the shortest time and in a legal way, in the most favorable way.

Export Transactions

Export Regime is the regime that applied the provisions governing the output for export outside the Customs Territory of Turkey's goods in free circulation.

  • Conducting feasibility studies for the goods to be exported.
  • Outward Processing Regime applications and TEV. (Compensatory Tax)
  • Health certificate, Control certificate, A.TR, Eur-1 certificate of origin, consular certification procedures according to the country situation, etc. to be done.
  • Making membership procedures to the relevant exporters' associations according to the type of goods, obtaining the union certification.
  • T.İ.P. detection.
  • Delivery of documents issued by the customs broker to the bank and/or the buyer in accordance with the customer's instructions.
  • Follow-up of the customs procedures of the vehicle subject to transportation.
  • Preparation of the customs declaration of the goods to be exported and completion of the operation.
  • Delivery of documents to the transport company.
  • Follow-up of temporary export transactions and their duration.
  • Delivery of the document to you with the document delivery form.
  • Closing the customs exit declaration.
  • Delivery of the exporter's copy of the closed customs exit declarations to the company.

Import Transactions

Entry into free circulation of the goods arriving in the Customs Territory of Turkey; It is possible to implement trade policy measures, complete other procedures for the import of the goods and collect the taxes that must be paid by law.

Import service titles are as follows.

  • Conducting feasibility studies for the goods to be imported.
  • Inward Processing Regime applications.
  • Follow-up of all stages from order to Door to Door transactions.
  • Tracking the travel and document information of the goods from the shipping company.
  • Making the bill of lading endorsements of the documents (if any). Receiving the delivery order.
  • T.İ.P. detection.
  • Classification of the original certified documents and their delivery to the operations department.
  • Making a siege.
  • Inspection of the goods by starting the customs acceptance and registration process.
  • In case of deficiency, damage or error, keeping the minutes and informing the relevant units.
  • Making accruals and making related guarantees or tax payments.
  • Physical delivery of the goods to the address specified in the instructions given by the relevant companies.
  • Delivery of documents to you with the document delivery form.

Transit Transactions

The Transit Regime is applied to the transportation of goods that are not subject to import duties and trade policy measures, but not in free circulation and whose export customs procedures have been completed, from one point to another within the Customs Territory of Turkey, under customs supervision.

transit regime; national transit regime, Customs Convention on the International Carriage of Goods under the Protection of TIR Carnets dated 14.11.1975 (TIR Convention), Convention on the Common Transit Regime dated 20/5/1987, which was approved by Law No. 6333 of 22.6.2012, Provisional dated 26.6.1990, Covers transit operations under the Convention between States Parties to the Import Convention and the North Atlantic Treaty on the Status of Forces of 19/6/1951.

Customs administrations, within the Customs Territory of Turkey, of the goods subject to the transit regime;

  • From a foreign country to a foreign country,
  • From a foreign country to Turkey,
  • From Turkey to a foreign country,
  • From an internal customs office to another internal customs office,

allows it to be moved.

It is obligatory to provide security in order to ensure the payment of customs duties that may accrue for the transit goods. However; No guarantee is sought for transports made by air, pipeline, rail or sea, except for the cases determined by the regulation.

General regulations regarding the Transit Regime;

  • Between articles 84 and 92 of the Customs Law,
  • Between articles 212 and 244 of the Customs Regulation,
  • In the Customs General Communiqué Serial No. 4 (Transit Regime)
  • It is included in the Circulars numbered 2012/4 and 2018/19.