Legal Consultancy

In particular, it provides protective and preventive legal consultancy services in order to plan and complete Foreign Trade transactions in accordance with the laws, by interpreting the Customs Law and other customs legislation together with the general legal regulations.

With our consultancy services, your company is scrutinized, necessary legal audits and examinations are carried out, documents and company operation process are examined, missing or faulty applications are revised, non-existent ones are prepared by us, and all applicable legal procedures are carried out in order for your company to operate in a healthy legal process. -lama is controlled from start to finish.

With these studies carried out by a team of lawyers and Customs Brokers who are experts in their fields, you can:

  • Establishing a secure operation infrastructure in your company,
  • Minimizing the number of legal disputes,
  • Maximum protection of company interests in disputes,
  • Examination and conclusion of the settlement files,
  • All kinds of expert opinions and opinions,

being carried out.

In this way, with the legal protection system to be created in your company, it is ensured that you concentrate only on your business by taking precautions before conflicts occur in Foreign Trade Transactions, and in this sense, it is aimed to contribute to the development of your company in economic and commercial terms.

In our foreign trade legislation, due to the harmonization efforts with the European Union and the shipping of products by Far East countries at prices that upset Turkey's domestic market balances, protection measures have been increased.

Customs Law, Customs Regulation, Product Safety and Inspection, Unfair Competition, Safeguards and Surveillance Practices in Imports, Fight Against Smuggling, etc. Legislative processes are constantly changing and updated. Our legislation department follows these changes in the best and fastest way and informs our customers, and organizes trainings and seminars for wide-ranging changes.

The legislative changes published in the Official Gazette and the legislative changes of customs, foreign trade, agriculture, health and similar institutions are announced up-to-date via e-mail and on our website.

Legal disputes that arise are archived by being controlled and monitored from a single center on a company basis, and the company and the customs administration are informed by following every stage of the dispute from the beginning to the conclusion. In addition, with the infrastructure we have established, we enable the companies we serve to control the entire legal process of disputes.

Our solution partner on customs, foreign trade, foreign exchange and smuggling law; The expert on the subject is Mustafa Özsönmez, Retired Customs and Trade Chief Inspector.