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Selen Customs Consultancy, acting according to the conditions of the time, proudly carries this flag by keeping the excitement of the first day with its analytical thinking ability, solution-oriented stance and feedback ability. As a company, we consider ourselves a part of the companies we serve. Our most important goal is to eliminate the problems they experience, to ensure the uninterrupted continuation of production, to carry out exports, to make transactions on time and correctly, to integrate with the companies we represent and to work in harmony. We know very well that; We are an important service industry. We are assertive in providing services to our companies. But we never forget that; If we have companies, we are there. Our principle; To provide safe, accurate and fast service.

Customs is an institution working under the Ministry of Trade in our country. The Customs Clearance Service is the execution of the business and transactions with the state in the transit of products or services through customs areas during foreign trade transactions with a foreign country.

The Customs Law No. 4458, which is the set of rules to be followed during foreign trade transactions, is the main source of law in Turkey's customs matters. The purpose of this Law is to determine the customs rules to be applied to the goods and vehicles entering and leaving the Customs Territory of the Republic of Turkey. According to Article 5 of the Customs Law No. 4458, all persons may appoint a representative for their works in the customs administrations in order to realize the savings and transactions stipulated by the customs legislation. Except for the persons engaged in transit transportation or making an accidental declaration, the representative is the persons residing in the customs territory of Turkey.

Representation can be direct or indirect. The representative acts on behalf and account of someone else in the case of "direct representation", and on his own behalf in the case of indirect representation, but for the account of someone else. The representative is obliged to declare that he is acting on behalf of the person represented, to indicate that the representation is direct or indirect, and to submit the representation authorization document he has to the customs administrations.

Self-employed persons who follow and finalize all customs transactions of the goods or services subject to customs procedures through indirect representation and who are given a permit by the Undersecretariat of Customs are also called Customs Broker. Within the scope of customs clearance services, customs consultants act on their own behalf but as the representative of someone else through indirect representation. Customs consultants are obliged to declare that they are acting on behalf of the represented person and to submit the representation authorization document they have to the customs administrations.

The most important factor that foreign trade organizations should pay attention to when it comes to the Customs Clearance Service; It is the choice of an experienced, reliable, authorized customs clearance company with the responsibility of correct guidance. It should not be forgotten that a wrong choice to be made and a wrong action to be taken carry the risks of being easily evaluated within the scope of customs smuggling and penalties, and these will expose foreign trade companies to irreparable costs, penalties, loss of time and prestige.

Selen Customs Consultancy has been successfully following and finalizing the customs procedures listed below on behalf of its valued customers in all Customs and Trade Directorates of the Ministry of Trade and related official institutions and organizations for many years.

  • Import Customs Operations
  • Export Customs Operations
  • Transit Trade Operations
  • Inward Processing Operations
  • Outward Processing Operations
  • Processing Regime Under Customs Control
  • Warehouse Operations
  • Temporary Import Operations
  • Temporary Export Operations
  • Transit Regime Operations
  • Postal Customs Operations
  • Free Zone Operations
  • Re-Export Operations
  • Destruction Operations
  • Abandonment to Customs Operations
  • Exemption and Exemption from Customs Duties
  • Operations Regarding the Goods to be Purge
  • Returned Item Operations
  • Border Trade Operations